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Dog Walking!

In an ideal world we would all be able to enjoy our dog's walks with them, but often circumstances make this difficult. But whilst dog walking services are common, the quality of care can vary.

At Wendy's Pet Care your dog's safety and well being are paramount.

With this in mind, we have our own, private and secure area where your pet will be able to play and exercise without fear of them running off or being pestered by other dogs.

The land comprises two acres of grassed land, well maintained with high fencing and locked to prevent access by other dogs or dog walkers.

This gives you peace of mind that your pet will not be a victim of other badly behaved dogs or dogs that are not fully under the control of their owners. Because the play area is enclosed, your dog can exercise off-leash without fear of passing cars, cyclists, runners or children. If your dog is not very good with dogs they do not know, they can exercise and play without fear of getting into trouble.

On the left are two videos from our YouTube page showing dogs having fun in the play area and a video from outside the enclosure showing the extent of the land and fencing.

If you would like to share in your dog's adventures, we can send you pictures and videos of your dogs day out via WhatsApp.

When returning your dog home, if it has been wet, I will towel dry your pet and ask for spare covers to be left to hand to keep their bed as clean as possible. We will also make sure they have clean fresh water and are settled before leaving them.

For security and your peace of mind I have full Public Liability Insurance, but you will need your own veterinary insurance.

Dogs having fun on our Private and Secure Doggie Exercise and Play Area.

Video showing the extent of the play area from outside of the enclosure.

Our Private, Secure Doggie Exercise/Play Area