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About Us!

My name is Wendy Keeton and I am doing what I love most: Dog walking and pet care!

I am married to Alan and we have our Rat Pack (Yorkshire Terriers), Fats, Blacks, Goofy and Milo, and the latest addition to our family, Barney the Beast, our beautiful, gentle Rottie.

We are very well known where we walk and live. My Dogs are well trained, very friendly and very well behaved with other dogs.

I have had Dog's and many pets throughout my life, coming from a large family of animal lovers. Currently family members own a variety of pets such as cats, birds, tropical fish, rodents, reptiles and large spiders.

One of my favourite jobs was working and managing Dog kennels They also had a small cattery and were often requested to look after a variety of other animals such as rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, chickens, parrots, budgies, fish, lizards and even a pony.

Whilst working in kennels we also temporarily sheltered rescue dogs and also cared for dogs from Basset Rescue whilst they were assessed. We also housed local strays while they waited to be claimed, or if not then we would try to re home these dogs. Whilst they were in our care they were fed, loved, ID chipped, bathed and groomed.

Working in kennels my duties included taking enquiries, booking in dogs, showing people around, meeting and welcoming dogs and owners on arrival, taking the dogs personal effects to their kennel, cleaning the kennels and surrounding areas, feeding (also catering for special dietary needs), administering medication as required, bathing and grooming as requested. It also included walking, exercising, playing with and socialising dogs in the exercise area and comforting the dogs who did not cope very well in kennels. We also bred German Shepherds.

My experience includes many years dog socialising and training numerous puppies and dogs. I have a qualification in dog bathing, grooming and have done agility training.

Hopefully you now know a bit more about me and my love of animals; if you would like to talk to me about your pet care needs you can find my details on our Contact Us page.

If you are still unsure, two references can be supplied upon request.