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Cat and Small Pet Home Visits!

We offer a service where we visit your cat, small pet.

We will visit, cuddle, groom, feed, give fresh water, administer medication to your pet where required, clean litter trays, clean small pet cages.

We all know animals enjoy human company, a cuddle, someone to show them affection, exercise and play with them.

We will make a note of your routine and do our best to adhere to it.

If you have a cat and it is allowed out we might recommend it sleeps in at night, we will visit as many times as you require,

These choices will be yours to make we are happy to work to your plans.

Does your cat have a special place it likes to go and hide or sleep?

Whilst we are caring for your pets you may like us to

Move your mail

Water your plants

Close curtains in the evening

Open curtains in the mornings

Put lights on and off

So it does not show to the public you are away.

We put our hearts into what we do and always hope to deliver a good professional service.